Welcome New Members!

Twillingate, 4 Feb 2023

Twillingate Masonic Lodge is proud to have recently received into our ancient fraternity three new members. Bro. Trevor Jenkins was initiated on 22 Nov 2022 and on 2 Feb 2023, Bradley Brake and John Kaye became our most recent initiates. The Lodge congratulates its newest brethren and extends its sincere best wishes for a long and engaging Masonic journey.

(L-r) Bros. John Kaye, Trevor Jenkins, and Bradley Brake

Photo taken 2 Feb 2022

(L-r): Bros. Everett Greenham, John Holwell, Allister Powell, Douglas Bath, Troy Freake, Gordon Jones, Bradley Brake, Augustus Stuckless, Robert Stockley, John Kaye, Joseph Jennings, Trevor Jenkins, Douglas Young, Hayward Canning, Robin Vatcher (WM Twillingate), Ford Sharpe, Shawn Pippy, Austin Peckford (WM Lewisporte), Michael Crawford, and Glenn Snow (Lewisporte). Behind the camera, Noel Loveys (Lewisporte).

Photo taken 2 Feb 2022