Delegation to Terra Nova Lodge

Glovertown, 21 Sep 2022

L-R: WM Bro. Shawn Rose, Terra Nova Lodge, WM RW Bro. Robin Vatcher, Twillingate Lodge, and Secretary VW Bro. Gary Pinsent, Terra Nova Lodge following the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the Brethren of Terra Nova Lodge and Bro. Pinsent. 

Very Generous Restoration Fund Donation

In June 2022, the brethren of Terra Nova Masonic Lodge, located in Glovertown, voted unanimously to donate $3000 each to Botwood and Twillingate Lodges for the restoration work on their historic buildings. Opening the envelope and extracting the cheque inside was a fantastic surprise for the members of Twillingate Lodge and very appreciated.  The funds will be well spent on restoration of our historic building which is a multiyear commitment of the Lodge membership.

Outstanding Support of our Punt Lottery

From the start of Twillingate Lodge's punt lottery fundraiser in the summer of 2021 up to the final draw on Father's Day, June 19, 2022, VW Bro. Gary Pinsent of Terra Nova Lodge (and others) regularly purchased tickets on the punt, not because he wanted to win it, simply because he wanted to support the effort to raise funds for our building restoration work.  Indeed, he said if he had won the punt he was going to donate it back. Bro. Pinsent was by far and away the greatest single supporter of the fundraiser and Twillingate Lodge is truly appreciative of his outstanding support.

Twillingate Delegation to Terra Nova Lodge, September 21, 2022

With such generous support coming from Bro. Pinsent and all the brethren of Terra Nova Lodge, the idea to pay them a visit and thank them personally was enthusiastically embraced by the members of our Lodge. On September 21, 2022, eleven brothers from Twillingate made the journey to Glovertown.  The evening started with a social and a delicious meal.  Afterwards, all joined in for Terra Nova Lodge's regular September meeting.  WM Bro. Shawn Rose welcomed everyone and the brethren from Twillingate were very thankful to spend an evening of fraternity with their Terra Nova colleagues.

Near the end of the meeting, Twillingate's WM Bro. Robin Vatcher formally expressed gratitude to the brethren of Terra Nova Lodge for their support and fraternity on behalf of all members of Twillingate Lodge. A certificate of appreciation presented to the brethren of Terra Nova Lodge was received by their WM, W Bro. Shawn Rose and a separate certificate of appreciation was presented to Bro. Pinsent.

The evening's events concluded at nine o'clock, and our delegation from Twillingate Lodge remain thankful for a wonderful evening of hospitality and fraternity.