Bro. Allan Freeman

Oral History Interview

Twillingate, Dec 30, 2022

On December 22nd 2022, we sat down with Bro. Allan Guy Freeman, a member of Twillingate Masonic Lodge No. 7 since 1945 and now into his 102nd year. Although Bro. Freeman never made it to the East, a regret he shares in his interview, he has been an outstanding and supportive member of our lodge for going on eight decades. He is both the oldest and longest serving Mason in our province. He has been an Honourary Member of Twillingate Lodge since 2001 and is also has an Honourary Affiliation with Terra Nova Lodge No. 35, awarded in 2015.

A special treat at the end of this interview is Bro. Allan reciting, "The Ten Stages of Life". The recording lasts approximately 40 minutes.


Bro Allan Freeman Edit1.mp3


2022-12-22-Interview Transcription-AFreeman.pdf

Bro. Allan at home with his lambskin apron and Masonic jewels proudly displayed.

Dec 22, 2022