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Wor. Bro. Francis “Frank” Roberts

Wor. Bro. Francis “Frank” Roberts (1870-1949), a onetime PDG Steward, had a lengthy career as a master mariner. He went to sea at a young age, and mainly worked in the coastal trade. Roberts later began ferrying passengers in the vessel Little Grace. He served as a Stipendiary Magistrate from 1930-6, often using his own vessel to hear cases. Retiring from the magistry, Bro. Roberts returned to ferrying using the MV Miss Twillingate. He operated the service until the Autumn before he passed away. Bro. Roberts served as a director and chair of the Notre Dame Bay Hospital Association. He was active with both the Twillingate Fire Insurance Company and the Twillingate Telephone & Electric Company. Bro. Frank Roberts celebrated his golden anniversary in Freemasonry on 13 May, 1944.

by Dr. David Clarke

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