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Wor. Bro. Silas Facey

Did you know one of the members of our Lodge’s 1902 Building Committee was a tinsmith, Silas Facey (1866-1935)? Wor. Bro. Facey served as WM from 1906-7. Born at Catalina, Bro. Facey first came to Twillingate while learning the tin smithing trade. He later started a business in the community which sold tin goods and a wide range of hardware, including ranges, stoves and fittings. Bro. Facey was involved in many community organizations apart from the Masons, including the Hospital and Motor Associations. He was a director, shareholder, and chair of both the Twillingate Telephone & Electric Company and Twillingate Fire Insurance Company. Bro. Facey was a shareholder in the well-known schooner, Grace Boehner.

by Dr. David Clarke

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