Oral History Interviews

Twillingate Masonic Lodge

About Oral History Interviews

Oral history is a field of study and a method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the voices and memories of the speaker, based on their personal experiences and opinions. It may take the form of eyewitness evidence about the past, but can include folklore, myths, songs and stories passed down over the years by word of mouth. Oral history is an invaluable method of preserving the knowledge and understanding of people, communities, and participants in past events.

It strives to obtain information from different perspectives, some of which cannot be found in written sources. Oral history can be a subjective and personal form of evidence, but this is also one of its great strengths. [1]

Twillingate Masonic Lodge has embarked on an initiative to capture a glimpse of the personal lives and Masonic careers of its members, particularly those with a long affiliation with our historic lodge. 

1. Ref: Memorial University of Newfoundland - Digital Archives Initiative